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Support to Under Previliged children

You can lend a hand by donating groceries, clothes and vegetables. We can come pick it up from you in person if the contribution is large and the commute is considerably long and difficult.

Let's Care For Each Other

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Our trust has a wide range of programmes for you to choose from. Take a look at them and find what speaks the most to you.


Feed, Educate, Serve.

Child Protection

Children are the future of our india and we have reached out to young children and supplied them with fruits and egg to supplement their diet. They have also been taught the concepts of health and hygiene which we think is most important as they are the ones most prone to infections.


Education is the most powerful tool a person can have and can help change a family’s destiny – be a part of Butterfly charity Trust’s educational support initiatives. Providing educational assistance to the needy including children of Leprosy affected on a case-by-case basis under this program. The children of the support staff working in the home are also provided such assistance. Promoting and conducting events for the budding youngsters of the nation with proper skill development training

Women Empowerment

Women make life more beautiful by making the citizens and the men have a  more meaningful existence in the world. Behind every successful man is a woman who backs him up. We empower women by showing them schemes that will help them to become more financially independent and add to the economy of the family and also equip them with skills to do a home-based business as well as educate them to be self-sufficient yet be there to  nurture multifaceted and talented children.

Skill Development

The Trust has been formed to encourage the fields of education having Indian heritage value. At present, the students learning the scriptures of yore are helped in sharpening their skills by conducting inter-school competitions wherein all states of India participate. Honoring Scholars, Organizing lectures on Indian Traditional Disciplines, and Educating the student community on the historical, cultural, and social excellence of Indian heritage are the primary objectives of the Trust. The Trust extends financial support to the educational and medical needs of the poor and needy.

Partnership with Rural Schools

Butterfly charitable Trust believes that no child should be deprived of the right to education. We have been providing educational assistance as scholarships in partnership with rural Schools to deserving students from rural or underprivileged backgrounds.

Health Care

Health is wealth is the apt word wherein no amount of wealth can help to buy health. With this as the focus to provide good health during the pandemic we helped to supply masks, sanitizers and immunity boosters to all the people in our town with help of a strong youth force who backed us up in this effort. We have also a few people with medical amenities at a crucial time.